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The Grasshopper and the Ant

(Recueil 1, Livre 1, Fable 1)



A grasshopper gay

Sang the summer away,

And found herself poor

By the winter's first roar.

Of meat or of bread,

Not a morsel she had!

So begging she went,

To her neighbour the ant,

For the loan of some wheat,

Which would serve her to eat,

Till the season came round.

"I will pay you," she says,

"On an animal's faith,

Double weight in the pound

Before the harvest is bound."

The ant is a friend

(And here she might mend)

Little given to lend.

"How did you spend the summer?"

Said she, looking shame

At the borrowing dame.

"Night and day to each comer

I sang, if you please."

"You sang! I'm at ease;

For it's plain at a glance,

Now, ma'am, you must dance."

Jean de La Fontaine

Book 1, Fable 1



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